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Fuel quality control programme

Framework and logic of the programme | Description of the programme

To ensure the provision of only top quality products, ELINOIL is determined to deal with the most serious problem in the Greek liquid fuel market: adulteration.

Thus, in addition to using its own control mechanisms, since 1998 it has established a partnership with the Fuel and Lubricant Technology Laboratory (FLTL) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

As part of this pioneering programme, FLTL students make surprise inspections of elin fuel stations throughout Greece, to take samples and test them. Over the past 10 years, 36,000 samples have been tested from the company’s entire network of fuel stations.

So far, not only have the results been impressive, but they have also proved elin’s commitment to ensuring the quality of its fuels. More specifically, based on evidence from the investigations performed by the FLTL of the NTUA in fuel stations of all companies in the area of Attica, the percentage of non-complying (with the specifications) fuels is approximately 8% for the various types of petrol and 16% for automotive diesel, a fact that has obvious negative consequences on the longevity of vehicle engines, on the quality of the environment and on public revenues. At the same time, the percentage of non-complying samples in the elin network, on a national scale, is practically zero.

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