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Heating of houses & buildings

Heating-oil supply is regulated by the government.

The specified dates for supply are October 15th through April 30

Unfortunately, nowadays clean heating diesel is just a “pipe” dream. Few companies are willing to establish effective control systems in all fuel transport stages, from the refineries to their facilities and then from their tank trucks down to the final consumer.


When you order heating oil remember that:

We offer quality heating oil.
The quantity of heating oil delivered is exactly the amount that you ordered.
Upon request we can supply a sample of the delivered heating oil.
Some possible minor price differences will be covered by the quantity of fuel you will recieve.


and our fuel station that carries the name, may be the only company that can guarantee you will receive the exact quantity of diesel you have ordered, because elin:
Chooses its drivers based on very strict criteria and ensures they are very well trained and paid.
Uses a privately-owned fleet of tank trucks for diesel deliveries, thus preventing any kind of intervention in tanks, meters, etc.
Has set up a special control agency since 1995, operating independently from the sales system, which carries out sample checks with different methods and at different times, in order to ensure the integrity of the quantities delivered.
Provides consumers with valuable tips to enable them to check the diesel delivery procedure, as it believes that informed consumers are the most loyal customers!

To order heating oil call us +30 26710-25822  &  +30 6948-208390

We accept the following credit cards:

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