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Liquid Fuels

Regardless of what liquid fuels you might need, we have made a commitment to not only satisfy your needs but also exceed your expectations with the quality of our products.

Our fuels are subjected to multiple controls daily.
By sampling and monitoring our tanks at reception time.
By regular sampling and monitoring tanks and pumps we make sure that the fuel that reaches you retains the quantity and quality of the brand name Elin.


Our fuel station carries:

New Super LRP
Unleaded 95 RON
Super Unleaded 100 RON
Heating Diesel


For further information on the fuels that interest you, make a selection from the menu on your left, or choose one of the following categories of products:

Heating Oil

What are the components of Crude Oil?

Crude oil consists mainly of hydrocarbons. It also contains nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen compounds and metallic compounds.

What are the liquid fuels produced from Crude Oil?

The crude oil products sold in the Greek market are:

Unleaded Petrol 95 RON (Euro Unleaded 95)
Unleaded Petrol 100 RON (Super Unleaded 100)
Unleaded LRP (Leaded Replacement Petrol)
Automotive Diesel
Heating Diesel
Marine Diesel
Heavy Fuel Oil, Νο.1 (light), Νο.3 (heavy)
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
Aviation fuels



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Unleaded Crystal
Diesel Crystal
Prices are per litre and include VAT 24%

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