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Super Leaded Petrol

Elin Super Lead Replacement Petrol (LRP) is a petrol that has been designed to permit cars that currently use Leaded petrol to change to a lead free fuel. It has the same octane as Leaded petrol, but in order to reduce emissions it is refined to contain no lead and lower benzene and sulphur. Equipment that currently uses leaded petrol will perform similarly on elin Super Lead Replacement Petrol.

Additional additives have been included to protect parts of the engine that are normally protected by the lead such as valve seats. Elin LRP can be used by vintage and classic cars without the need for additional additive protection.
Super LRP cannot be used in cars that require unleaded petrol.

Main Benefits

High octane rating (96 Octane rating)
Lead free fuel
Contains an additive to protect exhaust valve seats


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Prices are per litre and include VAT 24%

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