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The range of elin lubricants includes synthetic lubricants and prime mineral oils for all types of engines (petrol and diesel engines used in cars, trucks, heavy duty vehicles, farming machinery, motorbikes, marine outboard engines, etc.). It also includes gear oils, automatic transmission lubricants, all-purpose industrial lubricants, vehicle and industrial greases as well as elin special products, thus covering a wide range of applications.

In such a competitive market, ELIN has proved that the only way for a company to distinguish itself is to offer top quality products and services. Thus, the quality management systems applied in the production, packaging and trade of elin lubricants are certified in accordance with ISO 9000 standards. Thanks to its leading technology and quality, elin lubricants ensure perfect performance and increased economy in fuel and maintenance. They are products that fully comply with the latest international specifications and can meet all high quality lubricating needs.

elin lubricants

Vehicle lubricants and industrial lubricants.

The new elin lubricants are tested under extremely harsh conditions and can guarantee perfect performance and top quality.

The Tec mark in the names of elin lubricants, greases and special products signifies their high-tech status. This new generation of lubricants includes the following products:

The autoTec, dieselTec, agroTec, motoTec, mareTec, gearTec and transTec products, designed to ensure perfect protection for any vehicle whatsoever.
The heavyTec products, especially designed for all industrial lubricating needs.
The greaseTec greases, designed to ensure top performance under harsh conditions.

In short, these state-of-the-art elin lubricants give “inner power” to a vehicle or machine exactly where it is needed, in its inner parts!

elin special products

Products for “special” applications

These are products for “special” applications, known as multitec, and include antifreeze/coolant fluids for all types of vehicles, break fluids, diesel flow improvers (antifreeze), kerosene and special cleaning/antifreeze fluids for vehicle windshields.

Multitecs are powerful aids for all drivers on the road, covering all their needs under any weather conditions.

Ordering, technical support and customer service

To place orders, to get information on the technical characteristics of lubricants and special products, their applications or any other lubricant-related issue:

Tel: +30 26710-25822 or contact us

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