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Special products

Antirust ΜultiTec AntiRust is a transparent, powerful, penetrating and anti-rust lubricant in spray form. It is especially designed to release rusted and blocked metallic parts (screws, nuts, and other metallic surfaces). The product quickly penetrates rusted and oxidized surfaces and releases them. Due to its high penetrating capacity, it is also appropriate for removing carbon, tar, grease and mud deposits. ΜultiTec AntiRust creates a thin film that offers lubrication and protection against oxidation.
It is an ideal anti-rust spray as it:
- does not affect paint;
- does not contain any CFCs
Antifreeze Top-quality, ethylene glycol-based antifreeze/coolant fluid with excellent anti-rust qualities, suitable for all types of vehicles. Ensures smooth operation at extreme temperatures (cold/heat). It is added to the radiator water based on the ratios given in the following table:

80 -11
75 -13
70 -15
65 -19
60 -24
50 -37

In full compliance with specifications:
BS 6580:1992 - SAE J 1034.
Paraflu Extra (-17 οC)

Paraflu Standard (-12 οC)
Diluted, ready for use monoethylene-glycol-based antifreeze/coolant fluids with excellent anti-rust qualities. Offer increased protection for the radiator, pipe and water pump lining against wear and rust.
Paraflu extra (-17 οC to +107 οC)
Paraflu standard (-12 οC to +105 οC)
Super brake & Clutch Fluid (DOT 5.1) Top-performance, synthetic brake fluid for vehicles braking systems. Ideal for ABS systems in all weather conditions. Mixes perfectly with break fluids that comply with the DOT3, DOT4 and DOT 5.1 specifications. Its high boiling point (>265 οC) ensures maximum protection.
In full compliance with specifications:
SAE J 1704 - FMVSS No 116 DOT 5.1
Brake & Clutch Fluid (DOT 4) Top-quality fluid for brake and hydraulic clutch systems. Suitable for all vehicles.
In full compliance with specifications:
SAE J 1703 - FMVSS No 116 DOT-4 & DOT-3
Battery P Distilled water for the production and replacement of electrolyte in car batteries. Suitable for all types of batteries.
In full compliance with specifications:
BS 497475 - Ειδική αγωγιμότητα< 10Μs/cm
Glass Special cleaning fluid for vehicle windshields, for all seasons, with mild protection against frost of the windshield washing system. Ensures perfect visibility and does not harm the paint and seals.
Windscreen ( -20 ºC )
1 0 -20 ºC
1 1 -9 ºC
1 3 -5 ºC
Water D Highly clear distilled water. Suitable for car radiators, steam irons and all applications that require salt-free water.
Diesel Flow Improver MultiTec D.F.I is one of the best diesel flow improver fluids on the market. Reduces the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) of diesel and enhance its flow capacity even when ambient temperature is as low as -20 οC. Its special composition prevents the aggregation of paraffin crystals in diesel, which takes place at low temperatures (the D.F.I/diesel ratio is: 0,75 lt:1000).

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