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Framework and logic of the programme

Framework and logic of the programme | Description of the programme


The basic underlying principle in the philosophy and vision of elin is “to meet the actual needs of its customers”. Thus, it cannot be indifferent to the well-known problem of fuel adulteration. In a distribution network infiltrated by black-market traders, dubious transport operators and all kinds of smugglers, where state control is totally ineffective and where huge differences exist in the price of similar products, it is only “natural” that there is an extensive adulteration problem. When the temptation of easy gain is not enough, it is coupled with the inability of fuel station owners to compete with colleagues who are able to sell fuel at very low prices thanks to their adulteration practices. The problem is widely known and recognized but nobody has

done anything about it. Not only has the State failed to effectively deal with this phenomenon, but it has also used such low prices to lower the average “recommended prices”!

For many years, ELINOIL has led the way in every effort to “clean up” the Greek fuel market. As part of these ongoing efforts to reassure customers loyal to the elin network, in December 1997 elin signed its first private agreement with the Fuel and Lubricant Technology Laboratory (FLTL) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), to check the fuels sold in all its fuel stations.

In accordance with the programme, which has been in operation since 1998 without letup, the FLTL of the NTUA pays an average of three non-scheduled visits at each ELIN fuel station and, without any involvement of the company, takes samples of all fuels sold in each station from the pump nozzles. It then tests the quality of the fuels and informs elin on the quality control results both at regular intervals and through extraordinary reports. In the first 10 years of operation of this pioneering programme, a total of over 36,000 sampling checks and thorough controls have been performed in the fuel stations of the elin network.

Since the start of the programme, ELINOIL has established procedures for utilizing the relevant findings and has acquired a useful tool for ensuring that consumers place their trust in elin. At the same time, it has provided a useful “filter” for excluding from the list of its partners any fuel station owners that do not comply with its policy of transparency.

Based on evidence from the investigations performed by the FLTL of the NTUA, the ratio of non-compliant (with the specifications) fuels sold to consumers is approximately 5,2% for the various types of petrol and 10,3% for automotive diesel, and these percentages rise sharply if we also take into account the fact that adulteration is far more prolific outside Attica and that the respective quantities transported from the specific sales points are disproportionately large. (Source: FLTL of the National Technical University of Athens). The above percentages (or even higher ones) are also confirmed by more recent investigations performed by other bodies (e.g. an investigation performed by the BSI Inspectorate company for the Federation of Fuel Station Owners in Greece, in fuel stations of all companies in Athens and Thessalonica, March – April 2006).

On the other hand, the quality of fuels sold at elin fuel stations is excellent, as the number of non-complying samples from elin fuel stations throughout Greece is remarkably lower than the respective figure for the overall market, and was practically equal to zero even in 2005.

Thus, elin can proudly state that it has actually maximized the protection offered through its fuel stations both for consumers and the environment, eliminating adulteration and offering top quality fuels.



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